Raisse’s letter to Hallei Lyan

Raisse wanted Athal’s approval for getting to know the law professor better; after all, he is in the Guild of the Nameless. Athal approves whole-heartedly, but he does want to meet him in person and to that end will give an informal dinner party for all of the professors. Not that he doesn’t already know the four who were given to him, of course.

Raisse astin Brun to Hallei Lyan, master teacher of law.

Valdis, day of Mizran in the ninth week of Timoine in the year 547

Dear Sir,

I am already glad of the school even though I have only visited it once. And the pleasant nature of our conversation leads me to believe that I could ask you for some advice on matters of the law. The law is something of a pastime of mine.

Currently I am wondering about treason and what it means to be a traitor to this country. What conditions under the law would have to be met. I am struggling for the defining factor. Clearly it involved action, or inaction, harmful to the kingdom as a whole, but that seems very imprecise. I would like very much to hear your thoughts on this, but do not wish to impose. If I had more time and less responsibility I would be attending classes myself.

On a whim I have another question to ask. I have always wanted to learn to play chess, but I have never gotten around to it. But now that moving around is getting more and more of an effort, that may be about to change. Someone at the school must know the game and hopefully enjoy it enough to want to teach it to me. If you could ask around I would be grateful.

I sincerely hope this letter finds you well and content and send you greetings,