The hunting lodge

Still in Trynfarin, investigating.

Trynfarin, eighth week of Naigha

This morning we were off to look into the abandoned hunting lodge where the dog had been found. So we went with a couple of soldiers a driver with a cart and a bunch of children, and after a slow ride we saw it hidden just inside the forest. When we came closer I scanned it for signs of life but I could not find any. A little later I noticed a stable door ajar: it looked like a horse had escaped recently.

We went inside through the kitchen. Everything looked mostly deserted, except for signs of some recent living by one man. We looked around the ground floor, but there wasn’t anything more to indicate what had happened. There was a staircase that looked shoddy and I was reluctant to try it out first with the pregnancy as this far along, but it turned out to be sturdy enough and upstairs we looked though some chests finding mostly outdated clothing and a little money.

In the next room, though, there was a dead man in a bed who had been dead for some time. A servant of Faran, the former Eraday who owns this lodge. We collected what was useful and loaded the dead body onto the cart and made our way back to the local priestess of Niagha. We left the corpse there, Moyri left a sizable donation, and we returned to the dockside inn. There we sent Faran his belongings and news of what had happened to his servant. As I write this it occurs to me that the person discovering the dog missed an opportunity. He could have discovered the body and freed the horse, giving the village a means of speedy travel. But then it would have been stealing, so perhaps he was wise not to. Still, there is a horse out there somewhere.

Meanwhile, the new town was preparing to celebrate, so of course we had to stay around for that. We arranged to leave the next moring and travel by boat once again. Jinla was staying behind to learn with the priestess of Naigha here. It is a bit smaller and perhaps less intimidating then Valdis. I also had one of the two great barrels of wine poured into smaller ones, so we could more easily give some away here and there. Or was that the next village?

In the next village we had a proper bath and picked up a girl who wanted to work in a real bath-house, so we took her along to Valdis too. When we arrived things were subdued, but mostly proceeding as usual. About one-tenth of the people were dead, Selmet’s father and Hazrat, the astrologer among them.

Dad came to see me. He had been taking care of some things while we were gone, but he told me he and Mother would be going back to Turenay soon so they would not be here when my baby is born. It made me a little sad, but I was more sad to think that Athal will probably not make it for the birth or the naming. Time to get up to speed on things. I went to see Imri and everything seems to be alright. Later, we went to relax and have a bath. We introduced the village girl and also discovered that Faran, Kamari’s husband, had died. All in all sad news, but not more so than expected, and I’m home again and I’m staying for a while.