Ysella answers

An answer to this letter.

Sent together with a skipping rope for Serla and a few bottles of perfume for Moyri. Kissed with a seal.

Dear Serla,

I am so proud to be reading your letter. Is it your first? At your age I could not even write most of the easy words. You are such a smart and sweet girl that I am sure your mother would not mind that I send you this skipping rope. I picked it out especially for you at the market in Turenay and I’m going to keep this letter somewhere safe. Give everyone at home a hug from me and from Grandpa too. I hope you will write me again sometime.

Dear Moyri,

Serla’s letter was so sweet. Your father and I are doing well. Things are quiet and normal most of the time. We have been through so much and you and Lydan are all grown up. I suppose it is not strange that we are growing old. I don’t feel like keeping up with the demand for perfume anymore, even though it’s been understandably small with the plague and the war. I am looking out for someone to take over the business. Perhaps you know someone?

And I am happy that you are teaching her how to budget and I almost feel guilty for spoiling her. Almost. I had such trouble trying to pass that on to you. You just went and married a rich husband. You know I love you and Uznur and all your beautiful children to bits and am very proud of all that you have become. Especially that you became a wonderful mother.