Ever since we’ve been in the Order House in Essle, we’ve been having the weirdest dreams. Well, that was sort of what we wanted, we wanted to dream with Vurian, and help him figure out which Gods he wanted to get out of his head.

This is the first of them: in our dream, we woke up in darkness. We felt we were moving, in a cart on a bumpy road. Each of us was locked up in a separate cage, and I had a litte oil lamp in my cage. I lit the lamp and then we saw there were four cages!

Someone called Fian was locked up in the fourth cage. He belonged to the plain old nasty Nameless. He’s also from the south, from the place where servants of the Nameless give the gifted children Valdyan names.

And everyone had something in their cage: I had the lamp, Lesla had a cat, Vurian a sword and Fian a shield.

It was all really weird.

But we did want to get out! So I tried to break open the cage, but I failed at that. Lesla was smarter, she turned into a cat, and both cats left the cage. Vurian managed to open his cage with his sword, but he couldn’t break Fian’s cage or mine! So we dragged ourselves, cage and all to the back of the cart and made ourselves drop over, onto the ground.

But before I fell, I broke the burning oil lamp against the sides of the cart, hoping it would take fire. And that worked!

My cage broke when it fell, but Fian was still unbroken, and Vurian broke his sword when he tried to break the lock a second time. Then I wrestled off the bottom of the cage with Fian’s shield.

Now all of us were free! And just in time, too, because the cart had caught fire good, and the driver had jumped off, and started to run towards us, without even bothering to free the horses!

We made a really sticky patch on the road, the four of us, and that caught the driver. Lesla couldn’t stand the poor panicky beasts and she sneaked to the cart and freed the horses! They ran away immediately, but Lesla managed to catch one of them! She’s really good with horses!

Then the driver came running after us, so the four of us got on the one horse, and we fled! Soon enough we had caught the second horse, so it was only Lesla and me on one horse, and Vurian and Fian on the other one.

The driver belonged to the really scary version of the Nameless, the same version that had hooked Vurian from Veray! But our horses were faster than his feet, and we lost him.

That’s about when we found a roadside inn. Or rather, we said, there should be an inn, with pancakes, and it appeared. Dreams are rather easy like that! There was nobody there, no people at all! But there fresh pancakes in the kitchen.

There was also a kitchen fire, and we wanted to ask Anshen for help. Fian was really afraid of Anshen, and he didn’t want to help, and he didn’t want to trust us. I wonder whether Fian only exists in the dream, or also in the real world, like Vurian.

He was really offensive, too! He said our kind of people were the people who put people like him in cages, and that’s NOT TRUE! And then Anshen and the Arin Nameless appeared. Bah… He was NOT wanted. So we dreamed up some beer for him to distract him, and he drank the beer, too!

Then I let Fian look inside my head, so he could see there isn’t any trickery in me, and did, and he still thought I was tricking him! Stupid boy. Then we tried to tell him about the real difference between the Gods, like, if you’re with Anshen, you will share what you have, but if you’re with the Nameless, you only give if you get something back. And he thought that that was the very best way!

And that made Vurian think a bit — and then first dream ended because we woke up from the pattering of the rain on the roof.

Then Vurian wanted to go to the Temple of Anshen, and we joined him. He started praying, and he was using up enormous amounts of power! We helped him as best as we could, but it wasn’t enough!

So I tried to really help him, and when he fell down, I went into his head, and that’s when the second dream started.

In Vurian’s head, there were four Gods: three Nameless ones, including Arin, and Anshen. And Fian was trying to keep them away from him, all of them, and he didn’t have anything to do that with.

So I gave him the sword (which was whole again, dreams are strange!) and shield, and that almost floored me, it took almost all the power I had. But I didn’t go down, so I could see what was happening.

He used the shield to protect him from the nastiest Nameless and pointed the sword to Anshen!

Well, I joined Anshen, and held him close to me, he actually put his arm around me.

All the Namelesses were glaring at each other! They were acting like small children being angry at each other. So I started ticking them off, and told them to stop acting like children and give each other a hand and become friends, or one, so they’d be like we’ve been taught at School again.

Only Arin extended his hand! So tried to grab the hands of the other two, to make them give each other a hand, but the hands became enormous! And I couldn’t do it.

And then Vurian took the hand outstretched by Arin! Not Anshen! How stupid can you be!

And then I woke up from the second dream, and I was completely exhausted, I’ve never had a headache like this, I must’ve felt like Lesla in Gralen.

So we go back to bed, and — get this! We didn’t dream!!!

The next morning we see that parts of the roof of the Order House had been damaged by lightning! The Namelesses apparently were angry, and there were even people wounded!

Well, I was angry too! At Vurian! We give him a part of ourselves, help him with everything, and then he chooses for stupid Arin!

I was ready to give everything up, go back to Jerna, go back to school and leave the Gods to their own games. So I didn’t even go to visit Jerna and Faran when Lesla went, because I was so afraid I would give up if I did that, and I stayed in the Order House.

I did make some drawings of what we saw in the second dream, but I’ve burned them, they were scary. And it’s really hard to draw people who cannot stay the same size.


When Lesla returned from her visit, the three of us, and Cynla, we went on the boat. Big boats that sail out to the sea, those are fun! Lesla didn’t think so, she was very sick, but I enjoyed myself, and I’m learning stuff about big boats all the time.

The food is horrible, though!