Mind-fighting sucks.

So we were staying with the stablehand, Arin, and the lame horse. The horse just didn’t know what to do: it wanted to stay upright, but its leg was hurting, so it didn’t want to stay upright. Then Lesla made it feel like the pain wasn’t so bad, and the stable hand was impressed with that. We stayed all night, up in a little meadow, and caught fish and crayfish for dinner.

In the morning, the real horse doctor arrived. He and Lesla huddled together, and Lesla was glowing! And the horse doctor was impressed, and Lesla looked like she’d finally found what she would want to be doing for ever and ever. And that’s good, because just counting and doing sums isn’t doing anything real.

The horse doctor wanted to stay with the horse, and sent us and the stablehand to Gralen. Only two days, he said, unless we’d go fast, when it’d be only one day. Little did he know!

In the morning, we left for Gralen. And then we sort of kind of like of felt like there was something going on. So we asked Arin to take care of the horses, and went into the forest to try and find out what was going on… We didn’t get very far before we found a man with a crossbow!

He was with the Nameless! Not Arin, the real Nameless, Arin (not the stablehand)’s dad!!!

There was quite a bit of a scuffle, but we escaped safely. And we captured a crossbow! And then we noticed there was a hut in the forest, with people locked into it!

So, of course, duh, we went right at it, because it felt kind of like Veray, and we knocked on the door. These were also people who didn’t go with Anshen, but they did belong to Arin, not Arin’s Nameless Dad! But they told us, they’d holed up there to secure themselves from the Nameless’ supporters, and now we were really confused! They didn’t want to be rescued, so we didn’t do that, we left instead. Their warnings kept ringing around our heads!

So we met Arin again, and got on our horses, and went on to Gralen. And then there was a great big gate made all out of light in the middle of the road! Totally unpassable!

So Lesla and I, we sat down and tried to figure out ways to get through, and we got through, too!

Only, on the other side, there was another man with a crossbow, and he started firing at us. We didn’t like that, so we went on as fast as we could, and the we got to another of those gates. These people were really stupid! All we wanted to do was to go to Gralen! And we couldn’t reach Lady Rava, nor Lord Vurian, they were still too far away.

So we had to barrel through again, and break that door made out of light, again.

And that’s when Lesla’s horse bolted! It ran on and on, and we lost sight of her! All I knew was that I was getting the worsest headache ever. It was coming in like thunderbolts, or hammer blows. I almost fell asleep.

That’s when we saw something lying in the road. It was Lesla! She was sleeping! And her horse had gone, and she had bruises all over the place. So we hoisted her on my horse, and went on. I think I remember a third door of light, but that must’ve been before this… But all the headache makes me feel like I cannot remember anything!

And then we encountered Lord Vurian! He was on his way to meet us, and when we told him the horse doctor had stayed behind, he rode on! He’s a real warrior, if that word means what I think it means. He took some men, and while riding down the path, he asked me, with his mind, about everything we’d seen, so I showed him, with my mind.

And we went on to Gralen. Gralen is pretty small, even compared to Turenay, which is, like, tiny, compared to Essle. But there’s a place to sleep, and a place to swim, and there was a fire, and when Lesla had woken up, we sat together near the fire. I did dance a bit, I think, but mostly it felt like a dream. There was someone telling us that Lesla had almost been killed, and that I had almost been killed — that’s what the headaches were about — and Anshen was there, and he was cute as always! I think I want a boyfriend! As long as he’s Anshen!

And also, Lesla’s horse was here, and safe, and a bit confused about not having Lesla. And the next morning Lord Vurian came back with prisoners!

Life at the brewery is fun — there is plenty to do, and plenty of time to swim, and chat, and draw, and hang around and cuddle cats. Only I thought that we’d be here all summer! But no, it’s only a few days after the Feast of Anshen, and we should already be going back to Turenay! And that’s stupid, because it will be weeks and weeks and weeks before the school opens again!

And Lord Vurian has been teaching us specially about fighting with light, so we could defend ourselves against those headaches, and we’re not done yet!