When I had eaten a bit, we went back to the Palace. We got to keep our boat, so we’re still pretty rich! But Cynla wanted to teach us more stuff, and she wanted to do that in the Palace, besides, that’s where we were supposed to go back to. On our way back, there were more barges bringing dead people out to the sea — it looks like everyone is dying! Or at least, lots of people.

Cynla was really down and done up when we got back. Even though we had borrowed lots of pillows and cushions to make her comfy in the boat, she had started bleeding again, but by now we knew what to look for: if she makes a grimace and tries to hide her breast behind her fist, she’s bleeding again. Stupid! Why would she want to hide that! We put her to bed, and I went out to scrounge food from the kitchens, and got a nice big plate full of things that were new to me, and to Lesla. Then we got a bandaging person to do the bandages for Cynla, but that took a lot of nagging! They promised all the time they would come, but didn’t come.

Next morning, Cynla’s wounds were closed again, though I’m still worried about them, they’re red and hot and glisteny, and I don’t think they’re doing well! But Cynla decided to give us lessons again, but it was kind of like teaching us swimming, everything was totally stunning! Once we got to what she’s calling our “safe place” we could grab and grab and grab the light and make things out of it, all kinds of things, just by thinking! We made sticks and stones and knifes of light, and fishes of light that we could catch of each other with nets of light and we could make things closed with light, and open with light and — there’s nothing you cannot make from light, if you can make anything with light!!! It was so much fun that we dropped down with headaches because we hadn’t noticed we were getting tired in our heads.

Light is awesome stuff!

But then Cynla took us to the secular tarry, the thankful man, and there he was, and Cynla was there, and other people, and they made us sit down on the stools, and then talked at us, a whole lot.

Some-one wanted us to do this, some-one else wanted us to do that, and then another some-one wanted us to do something else altogether. We already had headaches! And no we felt like people were trying to drag us in five different ways at the same time, all the time telling us, you have to choose what you want!

So I touched Lesla’s head with a bit of secret light, the same moment she did that to me, and we both thought of the same thing: let’s go together to the pissing hole place, so we could talk to each other.

And when we were there, we were almost in tears. All these people, they all know what we we should do! They all know what we must do! They all ask us what we want to do! They never tell us what they really want us to do, or why, or what they think we could do best. All they tell us is, well, you know now about this, so make a choice!

Well… We thought, if they’re all asking us all the time, nag, nag, nag, let’s ask the person who knows everything! So we decided to sneak out and take the boat and go and ask the Queen. After all, everyone knows that the Queen is the most know-all person in the whole world.

After all, we’ve got a boat! And it isn’t even made out of light, so it could hold us both.

Sneaking out of the Palace wasn’t hard, and we made it to our island without anyone following us. But Faran wasn’t there! Nobody was there! Maybe Faran was visiting Jerna? But we didn’t want to go back to Master Jeran.

But Lesla had been learning letters, so she wrote a LETTER for Faran. With lots of letters, and ink, on a piece of flat driftwood.

Then we went to the Priestess and told her everything. She first tried to tell us that Valdis was too far away for us to go, but if the King and Queen can go between Valdis and Essle, we can go too! And she did agree that we’d better be asking someone else for advice if everyone was nagging us like they had been nagging.

So she showed us a drawing of the river, and she explained that it was like the river, only very small, and seen from above, as if you were a bird. I wonder whether you can fly with light and see the world as if you were a bird.

She offered to make a new drawing just like the one she had, on paper, but we’ve learned to make things from light! So I made a MAP from light, and it shows us where we should go! The Priestess was a bit surprised, I think, but maybe she cannot make things from light, it seems not everybody can.

The next part is both boring and scary!

It was really far! We’d soon left the islands where people were living, and there were more and more and more islands. And then someone showed up…

He didn’t have a name, but he come onto our boat, and he told us we were being pursued. And also that he could hide us! But we didn’t want to be hidden by someone without a name, so he asked us, give me a name.

So we named him Arin.

And he told us he was the son of the Nameless! The son of the actual person who had told people to kill Cynla’s mum!

Arin was getting more stupid all the time, stupider and stupider, and he made us feel really weird. So we told him to swim away, and asked Anshen to help us make him swim away, and he DID!

From then on, we had to hide ourselves, but we weren’t catched at all, not even close, not even once!

Tilis was kinda strange! It’s a big wooden house and there’s lots of places to moor a boat. It wasn’t even very hard to get to talk to the boss person! We only had to go through two guards and one secular — something. She did ask us a lot of questions about sick people in Essle, but we didn’t know much about that, except that we could we whether people were sick or not, and we weren’t sick!

But she also knew more! She knew that if we’d talk to the Queen, the Queen would certainly send us on to a place called Turenay, because there’s a big school in Turenay and she always sends people to that school. So if we’d go to Valdis, we’d only have to to Turenay after all, so we’d best go there directly, besides, the Queen is supposed to be in Turenay anyway.

Best still, we can get there by taking the river, so we’re all set to go!