Me: Irina Rempt. Middle-aged, married, bespectacled; mother, webmaster, roleplayer, choir singer, baker, worldbuilder, writer.


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My blog Found Objects about life, the universe and everything.

Valdyas. The world I've been developing for, count on fingers, more than twenty-five years now. And its language, Ilaini. Strictly speaking, Valdyas is only one kingdom in that world.

Writeups of roleplaying games in Valdyas in the 1990s. More recent ones are on the roleplaying blog Valdyis galsin, except Cora's notebook.

Some miscellaneous stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else.

The Purplish Cooking Pages where I keep and display my older empirically produced recipes . New recipes go in the recipes category of my blog.


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Note to Windows users: I've been strictly a Linux woman sinde the mid-1990s and I can't be hedgehogged to make Windows workarounds. If some of my pages look strange to you, you might consider upgrading to a standards-compliant browser, for instance Firefox.