Compilation of writeups of the campaign we played between May 2014 and March 2016. Set in Valdyas and several different countries. Almost 169000 words.

"I'm too small!" I wailed, perhaps aloud. It was true that Athal had said "investigate", not "eliminate", and neither he nor Lyse had said in so many words that I was to go to Ashas myself. Also, I knew by now what was likely to happen when I (and lately Thulo and I) investigated something: we'd get in over our heads in no time. "That's not the job for me," I said to Thulo, "but for a proper envoy from the ki-- oh crap." Because, of course, I was the nearest to a proper envoy from the king close enough to Ashas and informed about the situation. I did want to go to Peigham, first if possible, I couldn't very well break my promise to a five-year-old boy.

Asexual protagonist!

It's not a novelization, though I may do that yet: only proofread, rambles like a roleplaying campaign does -- I'd almost say "like a roleplaying campaign should". The original writeup starts here, on Valdyis galsin.

Amelia Hamrick drew the picture of Sedi for a Krita fundraiser (she donated all of the proceeds).

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