An Awfully Big Adventure

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Gwen R. Uckelman and Sara L. Uckelman, An Awfully Big Adventure (illustrated by Carolyn Friedemann)

A wonderful short (19 pages) book by Gwen, who was 8 when she wrote it, and her mother Sara. The illustrations are by Gwen’s grandmother Carolyn, so it’s a three-generations collaboration.

What I like about it

Everything. Well, I’ll be more specific.

  • Children have an adventure but their parents aren’t abroad, too busy to notice they have children, or even dead, like in so many other adventure books. They’re around to help and give advice.
  • The parents trust their children, so the children also trust their parents.
  • It’s full of nice people.
  • Nothing really bad happens, but that doesn’t make the adventure less exciting. Even the wicked witch is just away and doesn’t come back.
  • There’s the promise of more adventure at the end.
  • It has a map! (That’s the map on the cover, but it’s at the beginning of the book as well.)

What I don’t like about it

  • It’s too short, I wish there was more! But I don’t mind making up the next adventure myself.

You can buy the book from the link at the beginning of this post. I recommend it for people of all ages who like adventure and fantasy.

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