Reading notes, week 1

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Last week completed three full years of the reading notes! Even though there are some weeks that I read nothing but fanfic and couldn’t be hedgehogged to list every single story, or was doing canon review so I couldn’t disclose the actual books and forgot to make a note so I can’t retroactively fill it in, or was crawling through a long and difficult book that took more than a week to finish, I posted something every one of those 156 weeks. And I don’t intend to stop. So here’s the first week of the fourth year:

Foundation by Mercedes Lackey. Reread (I seem to have bouts of rereading ML, and I’m not resisting though there are new books on my virtual pile) that seems to be better than the previous one in August 2021. Perhaps because I (a) was expecting the mistreatment of people, especially children, at the beginning, (b) knew it would end, and (c) have more tolerance than I used to have for Mags’ lack of self-esteem and Dallen’s arrogance. What I do not tolerate, and probably never will, is the HORRIBLE eye dialect. Most of it is, when read aloud, just English spelt phonetically, some of it with the sort of phoneme-dropping everybody does when talking casually. There are better ways to do this, Misty!

Intrigues by Mercedes Lackey. More annoying eye dialect and some cringey fat-shaming but Mags is finding his feet and acquiring friends, who have definitely have his back when he needs them. Not that he isn’t stupid enough to think he’s worth nothing at all and pull himself away from his friends when he most needs them, but that’s got a fortuitous ending, too.

Changes by Mercedes Lackey. It’s getting worse: now all Mags’ friends are against him as well! But this isn’t his fault or theirs, it’s because two Karsite (?) spies are trying to destabilize the kingdom. Mags is instrumental in catching them, and gets somewhat closer to getting the girl (and the girl him; they’re equally interested). EVEN MORE annoying eye dialect (writers, and copy editors, it’s no use spelling “wimmin” because that’s ALREADY how it’s pronounced), and Mags even explains why he’s talking like that: to give people the impression that he’s a brainless jock. Well, Mags, you’re giving me the impression that your author could use a couple of lessons.

Index of reading notes is here.

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