Reading notes, week 10

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March 11: The Great Ghost Rescue by Eva Ibbotson. Fluff with a bite.

March 11: Tiles on the Roof by Avatar_Vyakara. Long (but consisting of many tiny stories) Encanto fanfic. Recommendation from a friend, hard to stop reading (open in a browser tab most of the time to dip into in between doing other things).

Also various fanfic that I forgot to keep notes on. (And canon review for something I’m writing. Two things I’m writing, in fact.)

March 8: Summer in Orcus by T. Kingfisher. Wonderful. It’s clear that it started life as a serial but that doesn’t actually matter. It’s a portal fantasy, and the protagonist knows that, she’s read all the books! Neatly subverts lots of tropes. And ooh, the weasel. (“Does it bite?” “Of course it does. It’s a weasel.”)

Index of reading notes is here.

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