Reading notes, week 11

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March 20: Wizard’s Holiday (Summer Edition) by NightsMistress. Nice friendship fic.

March 19: The Clocks by Agatha Christie. I expected more of the comfort reread, but I seem never to have read it before! Good story, but rather too many “I wonder if…” “What?” “No, never mind” moments. (Also, one such that wasn’t “never mind” but “aaarrghhh!” *dies*) That doesn’t elicit suspense or interest in me, just annoyance. There’s a spy subplot that seemed to be completely superfluous but the story itself is nifty.

March 18: Promises, Promises: a romp with plenty of dykes, a unicorn, an ogre, an oracle, a quest, a princess, and true love with a happily ever after by L.-J. Baker. Spouse had just read it and found it hilarious, and I know I read it in the distant past (and found it hilarious) so I wanted to refresh my memory. And yes, it was a very fun romp! Everyone who deserved each other actually got each other. It even had a “what happened after” section at the end, which I adore. I know I missed at least half the literary, film, pop-culture and fairy tale references, but I don’t mind.

March 15: After the Funeral by Agatha Christie. Another Poirot, a very late one (in Poirot’s life, too) and he’s not as prominent as in some other books. (My favourite Poirot is still Cat Among The Pigeons which has lots of wonderful characters who are not Poirot.) I have read it before, and now remember it suffers badly from No Nice Characters, but I want to know if I’m right about whodunnit and how it plays out. Didn’t expect the second murder until much later, though, I thought the victim had a larger role in the story. Also had completely forgotten the ending. To be honest I thought it was Timothy! (select to see spoiler)

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