Reading notes, week 11

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March 17: Busman’s Honeymoon by Dorothy Sayers. So-manyth reread. Spotted a tiny continuity error: somewhere at the beginning, Lord Peter is on a windowsill with a cat and when he gets up the cat leaves in a huff, jumping out of sight, and not much later he retrieves his blazer from under the cat. (Though, knowing cats, it probably came back.)

March 18: A Garden Enclosed by UrsulaKohl. Wonderful Alpennia fanfic.

March 19: Striding Folly by Dorothy Sayers. I should probably have read Thrones, Dominations first but this was the first one I found. Evidence that Peter grows but doesn’t actually change on marriage, and is very much the kind of father (“casual, apologetic, reluctant, and adorable”) that Harriet thought he would be. Content warning for the book: normalization of spanking. (Which was actually normal in England at the time the book was written, of course.)

Index of reading notes is here.

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