Reading notes, week 11

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March 14: The Vulcan Academy Murders by Jean Lorrah. Gearing up for The IDIC Epidemic. Eee! T’Mir and Daniel! Right up there with Éowyn and Faramir.

March 13: Swordheart by T. Kingfisher. When Spouse was reading it he kept chuckling to himself so I knew I was in for a treat, and I was right! I don’t mind the romance because that’s what the book is about, basically. Have marked some passages, may blog (but things are taking up mental bandwidth at the moment so I’m not sure I can).

March 10: The Body in the Library, which I didn’t finish in the Miss Marple binge. Shouldn’t really read Agatha Christie right after Dorothy Sayers (yes, I know, I made that mistake before) because I tend to hold it to the same standards, but this Dorothy Sayers was diluted anyway and The Body in the Library is one of the better Miss Marples, perhaps the best.

March 8: Thrones, Dominations by Dorothy Sayers and Jill Paton Walsh. I wish Dorothy Sayers had finished it so I wouldn’t be guessing all the time which parts were by whom. It does read like a real Dorothy Sayers, mostly. All the well-known characters are true to type and I love Hope Fanshaw.

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