Reading notes, week 12

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March 27: Monsieur Pamplemousse and the Militant Midwives by Michael Bond. Meh, but it’s easy to read and there are some nice moments and I love Pommes Frites (the bloodhound). There was no mention of midwives until the very end, and then it was only a mention, they didn’t contribute anything to the plot.

March 25: The Man in the Brown Suit by Agatha Christie. The protagonist is a woman of infinite resource and sagacity agency, runs into sexism at every step and goes along with it. The story becomes more and more unbelievable as it progresses, too. All about colonialist Englishmen in Africa and diamonds and conspiracies. The protagonist and her love/hate interest end up “alone” in a paradisical place at one point, and I’ll quote the offending part: ‘We were cut off from the world, alone together as Adam and Eve might have been — but with what a difference! Old Batani (a native woman who the love/hate interest cured of a fever, IR) hovered around, counting no more than a dog might have done.” Pff. Lots of implied “period-appropriate” sexism, too. I finished it because otherwise I’d have kept wondering which of the protagonist’s supposed friends were really her enemies (it turned out not to be the only really nice one, whew), but otherwise,

March 22: The Big Four by Agatha Christie. Not much patience with it this time (I read it before, but forgot most of it and wanted to know what happened.) Too much over the top with the world-domination-conspiracy stuff, gtting worse as as the book progresses. This review is spot on.

Also a bunch of fanfic by a new favourite writer who seems to write exactly what I want to read. Why didn’t I know this person existed? But at least now I do, after they left kudos on most of my own fics.

Index of reading notes is here.

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