Reading notes, week 12

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March 24: A Presumption of Death by (Dorothy L. Sayers and) Jill Paton Walsh. I know almost for certain that Sayers only laid the groundwork in The Wimsey Papers, and Walsh did all of the writing. It’s okay writing, though, good fanfic [1], unlike The Attenbury Emeralds which annoys me more every time I reread it (so I’ve stopped rereading it). (There’s a note about it in this post from 2014.)
[1] I enjoy the Jill Paton Walsh books much more now I realise they’re actually fanfic, and read them as such.

March 25: Almost two dozen stories in the 2022 Worldbuilding Exchange.

March 26: And a rabbit hole full of stories I found by clicking random commenters’ usernames.

Index of reading notes is here.

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