Reading notes, week 13

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March 28: A bunch of random Young Wizards and Lord Peter Wimsey fanfic (er, some of each, there don’t seem to be crossovers; planning to write one but, well, you know). Nothing memorable enough to link to, though I downloaded one to read on the ereader later.

March 26: Castle in the Air by Diana Wynne Jones. I rarely read Howl’s Moving Castle without it. Epub conversion is even worse but this is too long to tackle too. Some nasty fat shaming in early chapters but that’s subverted at the end. Hard to get into for some reason, but it became better and better. (Looks like it took three days to read this, but I’ve also been reading oodles of webpages, and even wrote three whole paragraphs of the space meerkat story even though the real world has been messing with my brain a lot).

March 23: Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. That there’s a Lettie in it (more than one Lettie at some point) when I’ve just finished a book with a Letty threw me a bit! It’s somewhat more chaotic at the end than I remembered, and I sort of skimmed the wizards’ duel this time, and the conversion isn’t perfect so some things that should be in italics aren’t, which obscures at least one plot point. It’s too long to fix the conversion, though, unless I get really bored.

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