Reading notes, week 14

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April 4: Some Lord Peter Wimsey fanfic, on this time, which feels like betrayal. But this is a good story about Charles and Mary in which Mary does some of the detecting. (Also found one I liked that happened to be on my ereader already.)

April 3: Stone by Alter S. Reiss, the long story I grabbed from the Decameron project and converted to epub for easier reading. Glad I did because it’s slow and heavy, almost ceremonial in its language. Deeply Jewish, I think (that’s not my own culture or background so I can only suspect). I think I love it though parts of it hurt.

April 2: Some more (but not all) Decameron Project stories.

April 1: Lammas Night by Katherine Kurtz (reread). Because someone said something on a blog and I was immediately reminded of it. I’d completely forgotten that the prince is such a chain-smoker. (Other people smoke the occasional cigarette as stage business, but he smokes all the bleeping time.) Though I still like it, the same thing irks me that irked me on previous reads: I will accept the conceit of previous lives, but why have those people been All These Famous Historical Figures? If everyone has lived many times before there can’t have been enough Famous Historical Figures to go round.

March 31: The first chapter of Caroline Stevermer’s new book, The Glass Magician, also from the Decameron project. Wonderful teaser. We pre-ordered the hardback.

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