Reading notes, week 16

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April 17: The Language of Roses by Heather Rose Jones. OH WOW. This is WONDERFUL. The best take ever on Beauty and the Beast. There are some dark moments but they’re beautifully balanced by humor and love. The protagonist is aromantic (the author had Claudie Arseneault as a consultant for that) and the difference between loving someone and being in love is very well done.

April 23: Timm Thaler oder Das verkaufte Lachen by James Krüss. In German! In Holy Week! No wonder I didn’t get round to reading anything else. I know the Dutch translation practically by heart, and it seems that the translation is completely faithful except that the original has a frame story. (I don’t think the frame story is necessary, though it’s kind of cute.) A wonderful book, but on umpteenth rereading I notice that there’s a lot of splaininess in it, on the lines of “if only Timm had known that then”.

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