Reading notes, week 16

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Passenger to Frankfurt by Agatha Christie. I didn’t remember (and neither was it clear from my previous post) how absolutely weird it is. Goodness, I’d have tossed it aside because I had no patience with (mostly) old (mostly) white men discussing world domination if it hadn’t been for Aunt Matilda. Oh, and the protagonist Stafford Nye himself, and Renata or whatever her name is. Too many Nazis in the book, though. I don’t think I’ll reread it again. Two and a bit (the bit is for Aunt Matilda) stars if I was giving stars.

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. Found out in a discord conversation that I’d never actually read this, so set out to remedy it. It’s cute. Gutenberg has it, and I also downloaded its sequel Anne of Avonlea but haven’t started that yet because Anne of Green Gables made me want to reread…

Daddy Long-Legs by Jean Webster. Which is more fun because it’s less moralizing, though it does have (what I call when I write fanfic) “period-typical bigotry”. There’s a sanitized fan version but I don’t think I want to read that because I just read the original and roll my eyes at the bigotry, I don’t want to be guessing and/or comparing all the time. I did read rather lot of fanfic of it, though, notably Excerpts From the Letters of Sarah McBride Anderson, 1904-1908 by Beatrice_Otter, a short retelling from another POV. (Probably for logged-in AO3 users only.)

Dear Enemy by Jean Webster. Wavering beween liking it better than Daddy Long-Legs because it’s got more about the orphans in it, or liking it less because it’s got the romance on the surface instead of buried deep down in the letters.

Theobroma by Diane Duane. Young Wizards short story (which I got for free in a promotion that no longer exists, but it’s also in Uptown Local and Other Interventions). Sweet! And not only because it’s about chocolate; also the slice-of-life of working adult wizards.

Index of reading notes is here.

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