Reading notes, week 16

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April 16: Wat doe je? O niks (Portrait of a mother) by HarriĆ«t Freezer. 1965, and it shows. I recognise some things from when I had offspring at home but mostly it’s very, very dated. Well written though, and at times really funny. Read this mostly while waiting for Skype to do our bidding (which it didn’t, so the Thursday read-aloud ended halfway through and I finished the book). I just wrote the very first review of it on Goodreads (“Dated, but still funny”).

April 15: Exile’s Honor, because the last story in Sun in Glory made that necessary. Did that really take 4 days to read? It’s one of the best Valdemar books, anyway. The scenes I remembered didn’t seem to be the important parts of the book now, and the things that looked important this time felt new. Which is a good thing! I wonder if Exile’s Valor will have the same effect.

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