Reading notes, week 17

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April 27: The Cask by Freeman Wills Crofts. I can hardly imagine that this book is a hundred years old! (A hundred and one in fact: it was first published in 1920 though the epub I have of it is of a 1921 edition.) It’s long and convoluted, and I somewhat agree with one review that said that there are three different people investigating, all with the same skillset, so it’s hard to tell them apart; but I do like it, and I must applaud the marvellous howdunnit exposition at the end.

April 26: Het Grote Beestenfeest by Kees Stip. Short nonsense verse about animals. Read it in small snatches, two or three poems at a time in between wrangling church music and reader notes.

April 25: Polly’s Senior Year at Boarding School by Dorothy Whitehill. Gutenberg has only the first and this, the third, of a 13-volume series. (Perhaps all for the better because I think two books of this is enough, at least for now.)

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