Reading notes, week 18

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Still on the Mercedes Lackey binge.

May 2:¬†Phoenix and Ashes (Elemental Masters #3) by Mercedes Lackey. Okay, this starts with the protagonist in trouble, which I vastly prefer to building up a whole peaceful world and then smashing it to pieces, and she crawls out mostly under her own power and knows when to ask for help when she needs it (and also helps someone else who needs her more than she needs them). But I’d forgotten completely that a large part of the book is a training montage with the Major Arcana, which is impossible to skip because it’s so tied up with everything else.

May 4: The Serpent’s Shadow (Elemental Masters #1) by Mercedes Lackey. I love this one! Because it has Maya Witherspoon! And Peter Scott! And Peter Almsley, who is a very transparent Lord Peter Wimsey calque, even to the letters at the back by his mother (the Helen stand-in), his grandmother (the Dowager Duchess stand-in) and the nurse (the Oxford don stand-in). But he’s a tribute more than anything and I like him a lot. The villain here is disgusting, and I should perhaps get a paper copy and mark it up so I can skip the really horrific stuff. Fortunately Lackey dwells less on details of villainy than, for instance, Katherine Kurtz does. Longer notes here.

May 7: The Gates of Sleep (Elemental Masters #2) by Mercedes Lackey. (Longer notes here.) I notice now that basically everybody except the two overt villains (okay, and their tame lawyers) is explicitly good, and that the protagonist, though she even calls herself naive at some point, is world-wise enough not to trust everybody on sight even if they are good. Chapeau.

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