Reading notes, week 20

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May 20: Foolish Hope by Augustine Lang. And that concludes the Fearless Fairwells series. (It’s also about my capacity for romance for now, so it’s not a bad thing.) I may have read it before because I vaguely remember it, or perhaps only the first (few) chapter(s) in the back of another book. It starts slow and a bit uncouth and seems to have an ending at about 65% — not HEA but convincing enough — but then it suddenly acquires Adventure! And HEA after all.

May 18: The Forgotten Fiance by Augustine Lang. So good that these two get each other, too! There was nothing wrong with Percy, he just wasn’t the right person for Kitty.

High Wizardry by Diane Duane, a quick half-skim reread because I was writing a Dairine Callahan story (Young Wizards/Lord Peter Wimsey crossover, in fact).

May 17: My Heart Did Fly by Augustine Lang. At 60%: GET MARRIED ALREADY YOU TWO BECAUSE YOU SUIT EACH OTHER EXACTLY. (And they did, of course.)

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