Reading notes, week 21

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May 24: Home from the Sea (Elemental Masters #7) by Mercedes Lackey. This one doesn’t suffer from “it’s good until it goes all bad” syndrome, at least not much! There’s a villains-will-villain moment but the protagonist handles that competently, even without the Deae Ex Machina Nan and Sarah to help her. Goodreads reviewers, get a grip, please! This book may not be fast-paced but that doesn’t make it bad. One pet peeve: even after it’s been established that the Selch are as mortal as any human and don’t even have a longer lifespan, they’re still contrasted with “mortals” (rather than, well, “humans” I suppose, or land-people).

May 27: Steadfast (Elemental Masters #8) by Mercedes Lackey. I think I like them all better than the previous time! Perhaps because I’m seeing different things. The way Katie gets used to her elementals, for one. And the “bad turn” is worse than in many another Elemental Masters book but mercifully short.

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