Reading notes, week 22

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May 30: A Stitch in Time by Penelope Lively. Wonderful! On a par with The Ghost of Thomas Kempe, which I’ve loved since my teens. I read the protagonist as not completely neurotypical but perhaps she’s only shy and imaginative and being brought up by very straitlaced parents.

Satanic, Versus by Mercedes Lackey. My first reaction was “meh, I’ve read better Diana Tregarde” but then it became hilarious. It almost reads like crack fanfic, as if ML isn’t taking her own worldbuilding seriously.

May 29: A Tales of Valdemar collection (Moving Targets) that happened to be next in the recent-unread list. Mixed bag as always. Skimmed two, skipped one, read the rest. This is earlier than some that I’ve read and there were earlier stories with the same protagonists, which was occasionally interesting.

May 27: Nine Goblins by T. Kingfisher. Just discovered I had it. Must have bought it in the same whee-I-have-a-gift-card shopping spree as Karen Memory. It starts slowly and a bit confusingly but once it gets going it’s as good as The Raven and the Reindeer.

May 25: Karen Memory by Elizabeth Bear. It’s in two genres I’m not at all conversant with: western and steampunk, and I may miss a lot because of that but I like it regardless. I was going to say that EB is clearly a better writer than Mercedes Lackey, but being as prolific as ML is of course a skill in itself! It does feel more thought-out, and fortunately lacks ‘eye dialect’ – there are things like “ain’t” and “knowed” but no ‘uneducated’ spellings that come down to an ordinary word spelt phonetically. Great adventure story! And ends well (except for the villains; and with some realistic-for-the-setting damage for the heroes). I’ll probably buy the sequel, it’s only 3,99 in my go-to store.

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