Reading notes, week 23

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I DNFed an Agatha Christie (The Unexpected Guest) because I realised after a couple of chapters that I’d read it before and it suffered badly from No Nice Characters Syndrome.

June 7: Trouble and her Friends by Melissa Scott. What a strange book! I said to Spouse “it’s clearly set in the future, but it seems to be the future seen from 1995” and we looked it up and it turned out to be from 1994, close enough! I like the visualisation of the net, it’s much like I do visualisation of psychic powers in Valdyas (both in fiction and roleplaying), and the stuff around it reads like a slow-action thriller (disclaimer: I haven’t read so many thrillers that I can make a true comparison). Set in the kind of America that I envied Americans for before I knew enough Americans. Ends well.

Index of reading notes is here.

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