Reading notes, week 24

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June 14: Vulcan’s Glory by D.C. Fontana. Because I read a short fanfic story referring to it. A reread after decades (i.e. I remember hardly anything, and my Spock-and-generally-Vulcan headcanon is very different now after things like The Vulcan Academy Murders). (I was at one (1) Star Trek convention in my life and spent some of it literally at Fleet Admiral D.C. Fontana’s feet because all the chairs were taken. She was petite and awesome.) There are at least two books in here, and I wish they weren’t so closely interlaced (as in: 2 paragraphs of storyline A, then one paragraph of storyline B, then back to A without warning) so I could follow both better. And there’s at least one really gratuitous death on the principle of “what can I do to maximally punish my main characters”. Spoiler (select to view): T’Pris should have stayed alive so Spock could have gracefullly divorced T’Pring and married her instead.

June 13: The Brain Thief by hollimichelle. Novella-length Discworld fanfic about young Sam Vimes following in his father’s footsteps (and several other offspring of people we know well, either following in their parents’ footsteps or not). Strongly recommended.

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