Reading notes, week 24

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June 12: Gebonden Kapitaal by Almar Otten. Local author, set in Deventer. Very nice to see familiar places and (possibly) disguised local figures (disclaimer: I don’t know many). I read it for the plot, though, not the writing– sometimes very stilted and splainy, and people don’t seem to be speaking actual spoken language (doesn’t the author read his dialogue aloud, as one does?)

June 10: No True Way, another Valdemar story collection. Earlier one than some I read before this so it was nice to see backstory of familiar characters. (Some stories are stand-alone, others have recurring characters.)

June 9: Pathways, Valdemar story collection. I wanted something familiar and undemanding. One really good story, the rest between meh and okay.

Index of reading notes is here.

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