Reading notes, week 25

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June 25: The Witness for the Dead by Katherine Addison. … Wow. It’s a low-key mystery novel, and the background is so rich and intricate, even more than The Goblin Emperor because we see much more of the world. And full of genuinely good people (and some bad people too but they get their just deserts). It makes me want to continue A Partial Glossary of the Ethuvereise Language, with Further Etymological Speculations by stardreamer (I didn’t dream it after all, it was on my ereader and in my calibre library all the time, it just had a title I didn’t remember). And here is also some vocabulary and general principles.

June 24: The Wimsical Adventure of the Dragon’s Tail by inamac. Lord Peter Wimsey (well, his legacy) crossover with something I don’t know (Ace of Wands, a BBC children’s series from the 1970s of which the first two seasons have sadly been destroyed, as seems to happen to almost all interesting children’s TV). Nice mystery/thriller with a good twisty conclusion! I might seek out the Ace of Wands footage that still exists and/or read more fanfic of it because I like those people.

June 23: King Kelson’s Bride by Katherine Kurtz. The one in which she gets Orthodoxy right. Blogged about it extensively in 2013. And of course I’m now finding all kinds of little things a copy editor would (or at least should) have caught in this one as well. But it’s a good comfort read nevertheless. One thing I don’t remember taking issue with before: there’s a huge dramatic thing happening at about 98%, when most readers will probably think the book is winding down to a happy ending! (But it does have a happy ending right after that’s resolved, fortunately.)

June 21: All This Land and All This Power by eilonwya10. In which soon-to-be King Cinhil Haldane gets married, but not to a frightened fifteen-year-old. doesn’t allow text download at all, not even copying from the screen, so I can’t put it on my ereader in case I want to reread it. Made an external ao3 bookmark. (Someone made a fanfiction downloader, but the Linux version doesn’t work for me.) I also found it on ao3 itself in two parts; haven’t checked if it’s completely the same, but it starts with the same paragraphs all right. The author’s name is different but people do have different nicks on different platforms.

… And another unfinished story. Except for the fact that this writer badly needed a copy-editor (“lightening” doesn’t mean the flashes you get with thunder, and people don’t usually “lay” on the forest floor unless they’re birds) the story is intriguing and I wish they’d got round to finishing it. If the next story I read is also unfinished I’ll probably give up the rest of as a lost cause.

Kelric by Melissa. The last chapter is called “Safely Home” so I was pretty confident that this would be a finished story, and it was! Very cute, too. It’s got the right queen (Araxie), unlike some other stories on that have a hypothetical fanon queen because they were written before King Kelson’s Bride. May download this as text ( doesn’t mind) and convert it to epub to reread later.

A Daughter’s Secret by Julianne Newberry. Dhugal’s mother and grandmother, awesome women both.

June 20: The Quest for Saint Camber by Katherine Kurtz. My brain thought it was time for Deryni, and my mind picked out one with minimal cringe though I already see some coming. (Yes, I still like the Deryni books in spite of all the cringe.) Tempted to do some tweaking in Calibre but I’ll see if the OCR glitches get worse over time. I do have the paper book as well, so I could decode “everyone else present except the dark” as “… the clark”. Having random page numbers in the middle of the text isn’t nearly as annoying as misreadings that make something make no sense. Apart from that, Katherine Kurtz badly needs a copy editor: how does one feign a blush? And “after the weekend” jars a little in a mediaevaloid setting. Also, “imprimatur” is the written permission of a bishop to publish a religious book, not written permission to do a thing in general — though the Oxford English Dictionary seems to disagree with me on that — and I’m not sure this world has anything called “Celtic”.

Found an old fanfic site again (, STILL with SOPA blackout so probably abandoned since 2012), now reading some stories I missed last time around. Links in the King Kelson’s Bride post above. The one I read first (Uninvited Guests) had several people acting out of character, and some even as if they were impersonating others, and awkward phrasings like “her mare horse” and “the Fathers’ shoulder”, but I kept reading because I wanted to know if the out-of-character was plot or AU or the writer just plain getting it wrong. And ARGH it’s unfinished. But the out-of-character was indeed because someone was impersonating someone else. … It’s just possible that one of the writers of these stories is the person I blocked and ghosted in 2016 because of political views that made me extremely angry. Well, it’s not as if really exists any more, and I’m not on the Deryni forums any more either, I just get these periodic urges to read it.

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