Reading notes, week 26

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It looks like I’ve been reading hardly at all this week, but I read two whole books and parts of several others as canon review for an exchange. Will disclose on reveal. I had to read half of one book on paper because I fatally mislaid my ereader (I’m sure I handed it to Spouse but she doesn’t remember ever seeing it; we looked in all plausible places three times and in all implausible places twice, and then gave up and ordered a new one, the old one was getting weary of life anyway). Possibly I left it outside and some neighbour “rescued” it when it started to rain, but the roof terrace is virtually inaccessible and why did we never see evidence of people having been there before?

July 3: A Knot About Your Heart by pendrecarc, a fantasy novella with very good worldbuilding and wonderful magic (in stitches and knots).

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