Reading notes, week 27

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July 10: All of the Butterflies!Verse and some other fanfic, going into rabbit holes by looking up what people wrote who commented or bookmarked or left kudos on mine. (One person consistently likes everything I write, and it turns out that I like nothing they write, because it’s both very dark and very smutty.)

July 9: Moving Pictures by Terry Pratchett. Because of this series on I finished the book before I read the last installment of the series, and it confirmed most of my thoughts. I should perhaps have read it on paper because the epub conversion is suboptimal and makes an already confusing narrative (quick-change POV jumps) even worse. I did get the reversed King Kong scene, a giant woman picking up an ape, but probably not a lot of the other famous-movie references because I just plain don’t know those famous movies.

July 7: Green Ice by Adina, and its sequel Armistice. Very good Bertie Wooster/Lord Peter Wimsey crossover.

July 6: We the Damned, Tailor Paul and Piffling Peter and Amidst a Tumultuous Sea, all Lord Peter Wimsey fanfic by Adina.

Index of reading notes is here.

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