Reading notes, week 28

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July 17: The Sittaford Mystery by Agatha Christie. Can’t stop reading Agatha Christie for some reason (perhaps slight brain-fog from vaccination) but didn’t want either Poirot or Miss Marple now. One strange thing: someone leaves 1/4 of his money to his sister, and 1/4 each to the children of his deceased other sister; but he might have left 1/5 each to the sisters and the niblings if the other sister had still been alive. (Well, whodunnit wasn’t any of his family *whew*, but the romance didn’t turn out the way I’d have liked. Why do mystery novels have to have romance anyway?)

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe by Agatha Christie. Late-ish Poirot, and I have read it before but long enough ago that I don’t remember whodunnit (and whydunnit, and howdunnit). Slightly annoyed that there’s spy stuff butting in but eh, that’s what she does, I suppose. (I thought it was a red herring at first, and it was, sort of, but it was still relevant at the end.)

July 16: The Murder on the Links, a really early Poirot. Got on my nerves a bit at the end of Chapter 1 but that’s just one of my pet peeves, “But little did I think when and how I should see [character] again!” My mother and I used to call that a “little-did-she-know book”. This was actually new to me in spite of it being such an early one! Perhaps I thought I’d read it because of that so kept skipping it. Mostly okay, though there was some muddle at the end, introducing characters we’d never heard of before.

July 14: Hickory Dickory Dock by Agatha Christie. Put Appointment with Death aside because I couldn’t stand the fat-shaming (even though the shamed person is disgusting for other reasons). This one had some period-true racism, but on the whole it was okay, and the most creepy person had done it. Also it was really new to me.

July 12: Confessions in a Punt by Eigon. Aziraphale and Crowley re-enact a scene from Gaudy Night. Cute!

Not In My Back Yard by rain_sleet_snow. Grown-up Pepper is still War in a way. Excellent.

Lady Petra in the Great War by Eigon. Genderswapped Lord Peter (also with Myrtle Bunter, all the rest are their original gender as far as I can see). There’s more where this came from but unfortunately the writer didn’t make it a series so it’s hard to keep track (or alert people I know are thirsting for genderswapped favourites).

Lady Petra Drives Forth by Eigon. Whose Body missing scene in which Lady Petra undergoes some more healing from her war trauma.

Lady Petra Visits Corsica by Eigon. Post-Whose Body missing scene with a holiday romance for Myrtle Bunter.

Lady Petra Falls in Love by Eigon. Strong Poison in a nutshell, with added complications because Petra didn’t expect to fall for a woman and Harriet didn’t expect a woman falling for her.

An Unconventional Relationship: Lady Petra Wimsey in Oxford by Eigon. Gaudy Night in a nutshell. All the little details are right, like Petra being at Oxford too early to get a degree.

Time Is, Time Was by rain_sleet_snow. Disconcerting (in a good way) little Discworld/Lord of the Rings crossover.

Thomas the Rhymer by kali. Tam Lin (Pamela Dean, must specify) fanfic. Could be a Thomas Lane companion piece to my Robin Armin story.

The Youngest Girl in the School by Evelyn Sharp. Yet another boarding school book but this time the protagonist girl is actually interesting. And the principal, Miss Finlayson (“Finny”) is wonderful.

July 11: A Haldane in Winter by phoenixgal. Novella-length Deryni fanfic, set more than a century after King Kelson’s time. Well-written and interesting but not easy to read because the protagonist is a difficult person in a difficult situation. I thought the story would fix some of the canon’s homophobia but it didn’t, and it also completely ignored the amiable coexistence of Muslims and Christians that was apparent in King Kelson’s Bride, making the stake of the war “to defend the whole of the Christian world from infidels”. Pity.

the most ill-regulated memory by rain_sleet_snow, crossover of Lord Peter Wimsey with something I don’t know at all (Primeval). Intriguing, but I don’t know if I’ll actually want to see the TV series. The modern-day Wimseys are very well done, though. rain_sleet_snow is a new writer to me, writes well and does effective crossovers.

Provenance by rain_sleet_snow. Éowyn in Polly Perks’ regiment. Wow.

Tales of Calopa: The Falworth Papers by Xero Reynolds. A short steampunk thing, teaser for a series, which I think I got in some book package or other. ETA: Eh, at 48% it’s both steampunk and military and I’m still not sure if I like it but it’s so short that I’ll probably finish it. I like the format (letters and transcripts). What irks me most is the title “Acamadecian” which I keep reading as a misspelling of “Academician” (and it does indeed mean “someone having tenure at a university” so why call a spade a smeerp?) — Skimmed from 61% because I lost patience with it but did want to know what was going on. Final verdict: meh. For some reason it reads as if it’s set in the world of Unquenchable Fire, but perhaps that’s just the baroque names and the unreliable narrator.

merry and yet honest too by rain_sleet_snow. Miss Fisher fanfic. The de facto protagonist is Jack Robinson’s ex and though I admit she gets short shrift in the series I’m not particularly interested in her.

And Be My Friend by rain_sleet_snow. Tiny cute story about Hercule Poirot calling on Harriet Vane and Peter Wimsey just before their marriage.

Okay, a bit out of season: Deck The Halls by rain_sleet_snow. Harriet Vane’s friends help her decorate for Christmas. She realises she has more friends than she thought.

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