Reading notes, week 3

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January 18: Princess Hynchatti and Some Other Surprises by Tanith Lee. In (as far as I can see) excellent Dutch translation. I bought the book when I was a teenager and the local remainders bookshop had it for 1 guilder. (This is also how I first encountered Diana Wynne Jones, though those translations are much worse.) I wanted to read one particular story (Prince Chesorith, whose fairy godmother doesn’t give him any embarrassing gifts but only coos over the baby) but the rest were as much fun. Also, anotherĀ Bechdel Test pass when Princess Dahli interacts with her sisters.

January 16: Fortune’s Fool by Mercedes Lackey. Another Bechdel test pass! Ten young women, all magical in nature, and two of them even end up having a household together. I love Sasha and Katya and their respective fathers, too. (Next up is The Snow Queen which isn’t my favourite fairy tale by far, but I want to read all of the Five Hundred Kingdoms. May resort to The Raven and the Reindeer after this as unicorn reindeer chaser.)

Index of reading notes is here.

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