Reading notes, week 3

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Closer to the Heart by Mercedes Lackey., #2 of The Herald Spy. Much marriage! Much wonderful undercovering! Actually okay mine owners (and does the nice mine owner’s very nice son actually have a chance with the smart handmaiden?) Perhaps a bit too much sportsball but at least it’s functional, and the intelligent boy gets a chance to be intelligent. Only, MUST they be kidnapped YET AGAIN? More of this in week 38 of 2021. The cringey stuff was a bit less cringey because I’d warned myself, but I still disagree with nonspeaking autistic people “thinking like animals” even if they don’t think in words (which I’m not at all sure of, there are many nonspeaking autistic people who can and do write).

Closer to the Chest by Mercedes Lackey. Last in the Herald Spy trilogy. At least three wonderful orders of nuns! It’s Gaudy Night in Valdemar, but stays cozy, and the villain is villainous to start with, there’s no super-toxic showdown at the end (the part of the actual Gaudy Night that I always want to skip and never do). Lots of people helping each other, which is extra abhorrent to the villain. Narrow escape happens (with the aftermath involving awesome nuns). Weather happens. Magic happens! I like it a LOT more than the previous time I read it, and I also like it more than most other books in this story arc.

The Hills Have Spies by Mercedes Lackey. #1 of Family Spies. From what I wrote in week 38 I expected it to be much more over the top with magical animals, but this time I felt it was functional and respectful! Even the dangerous magical entity had a happy ending for itself and its extensive found family. And I still like the coming-of-age story, though the king’s “you’re on your own” — well, let’s say King Athal would have a different approach. (He’d still mean “you’re on your own” but phrase it as “I trust you to handle this”.)

Index of reading notes is here.

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