Reading notes, week 30

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July 25: Beauty and the Werewolf (Five Hundred Kingdoms #6) by Mercedes Lackey. Which concludes this round of Five Hundred Kingdoms reread. I do wish there was more because it’s such an interesting concept, the power of stories as a real power in the world with guardians to make sure it doesn’t get out of hand. I’m not fond of werewolves, but Sebastian is as good (in his own way) as Markos in Blood Red. I love it that the protagonist and the love interest are friends, allies and coworkers long before the love story happens! The villain is a bit too blatant, but this time around he was very love-to-hate for me.

Abandoned: Last Car to Annwn Station by Michael Merriam. Too much horror for me. Riding a streetcar full of Fae and having a conversation with off-duty Death = okay; girl who looks normal except that in the mirror she’s a decomposing corpse = not okay.

July 27: Dumb Witness by Agatha Christie. I was really looking for a different Agatha Christie but this came up in a conversation and once I’d opened it I couldn’t stop. Poirot is perhaps a bit too Poirot in it, and there are no really sympathetic characters except arguably the dog, but the puzzle is exquisite.

July 29: The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side by Agatha Christie. Still searching for the ultimate Miss Marple because reasons. This is close but not exactly it, and it also ends a bit too abruptly. Some people are actually nice. (Especially Cherry is nice, and I’m glad she and her husband got Miss Marple’s flat above the garage.)

July 30: Simple Sabotage Field Manual by United States Office of Strategic Services. Clearly written for people in Germany and German-occupied territory in the Second World War. So useful as a GMing (and roleplaying in general) aid.

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