Reading notes, week 32

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August 13: Intrigues by Mercedes Lackey. More eye dialect, and polo is invented, and there’s some cringeworthy fat-shaming, but I still want to read this. Catastrophic Failure-To-Communicate (between friends, not lovers) near the end but it’s none of the friends’ fault and it comes right eventually.

August 11: Foundation by Mercedes Lackey. There’s a lot of cringe in it but I want to reread the whole Collegium Chronicles arc (unless I get tired of it) before I get back to The Herald Spy. (Cringe turned out to be bearable. Eye dialect is much worse.)

August 9: Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. Because it was time for a reread. Ah, my older reading notes just reminded me that the conversion isn’t perfect, but fixing Mangoverse books is now a priority. –Wow, this is perfect, and though the ending is as rushed as in any DWJ novel that’s perfect too. This time I’ll resist reading Castle in the Air as well, even though I see clouds that could be that particular castle almost every day.

August 8: Harry Potter and the Natural 20. Recommendation from someone at CrossingsCon. Weird but fun. (I may blog separately about CrossingsCon, which is weird and not much fun but that’s the fault of the interface rather than the people.) There are two more volumes but those are for later.

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