Reading notes, week 32

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August 6: De eigenwijze helden van Sassoen by Nairi Zarjan. Armenian folk epic, now translated into Dutch directly, unlike the version I read as a young teen that was a translation of an English retelling/translation. I miss some of the familiar phrasings and idiosyncrasies, but on the other hand I think this version hasn’t been abridged and the earlier version had. In the review linked above the reviewer says they got fed up with the constant battles and other slaughter, and that happened to me too so I skimmed from about 60% but I’m still counting it as read because a lot of those 40% was repeats and near-repeats.

Drowned Ammet by Diana Wynne Jones. Some of what I remembered being in it wasn’t in it, so that must be in The Crown of Dalemark which I don’t have digitally (the Kobo thought I did, but it was only the title page). Otherwise, same as for The Spellcoats: things I didn’t remember, or which I’m reading differently this time.

August 5: The Spellcoats by Diana Wynne Jones. This was the first DWJ I read, at 10 or so, in a rather unfortunate Dutch translation, and I wasn’t aware how it fit into the setting and how the characters fit into the mythology. Now that I do know that, it’s richer every time.

Index of reading notes is here.

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