Reading notes, week 33

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August 19: Changes by Mercedes Lackey. Starts with a really long and detailed sportsball game that almost got me interested (in the sportsball; I’m already interested in the rest). Now dealing with people so distressed by their family that it’s a good thing for the protagonist that he doesn’t have any. This is the book in which Mags starts really being a spy! (Also it’s the book in which almost all the really exciting action happens in the last 10%. Someone gets kidnapped at 91% ffs!)

August 15: Jolene by Mercedes Lackey, newish Elemental Masters book. A very good one, and refreshing after all the Sherlock Holmes fanfic. My only objection is that it has even more annoying eye dialect (more of it AND more annoying) than the Collegium Chronicles. No rampant nastiness. The main antagonist isn’t evil (just not human) and can be dealt with. (One evil person, two evil corporations. At least the evil person is dealt with too, summarily.)

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