Reading notes, week 34

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August 24: Spock’s World by Diane Duane. Severely handicapped by bad epub conversion that made the text lose all dialog quotes, some italics, and most apostrophes (strangely not the one in “T’Pau”; still, it’s disconcerting to read something set on Vulcan with many women’s names consistently misspelled). Very strong book, part of my headcanon about Vulcan though it and The Vulcan Academy Murders, which is an even greater part of my headcanon, partially contradict each other.

August 27: Dealing with Dragons bt Patricia C. Wrede. I love the Enchanted Forest! And a very effective self-rescuing princess, who incidentally rescues other people as well (but not from dragons! Well, except [redacted] from [redacted]). Bechdel pass: WITH HONOURS, even the dragon is a lady.

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