Reading notes, week 35

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August 29: Going Postal by Terry Pratchett. After seeing the (excellent!) miniseries we discussed how it’s different from the book so I wanted to read the book again. It’s even better than the film. Perhaps I’ll read Making Money next.

August 25: More fanfic. Young Wizards crossover, mostly. I so want there to be Young Wizards/Lord Peter Wimsey crossover but I’m afraid I’ll have to write it myself (or request it for Yuletide and perhaps someone else will write it). Here’s a really good Young Wizards/Calvin and Hobbes crossover, though.

Feet of Clay by Terry Pratchett. We do in fact have the paper copy (the one that went AWOL is Monstrous Regiment) so I’ll get it out of the bookcase to read the footnotes. I think this is hands down the best Discworld novel (and so does Spouse).

Index of reading notes is here.

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