Reading notes, week 36

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September 5: Monsieur Pamplemousse on the Spot. Not quite fed up with it yet; I want to read at least one more to see if they all have something sexually risqué at some point, and tiny (but stinging) sexist and racist bits.

remember me by dirgewithout music: Narnia fanfic. Lucy Pevensie. Oh my.

A Witch on Errantry by aroso_dolente. Harry Potter/Young Wizards crossover. Hermione and Luna are wizards; some other people surprisingly are and aren’t.

September 3: Monsieur Pamplemousse and the Secret Mission. Has strangeness like the first one (not as much as the first one, though, at least not until now). I must have read it decades ago but I remember only snatches. Nice non-demanding stuff.

September 1: A handful more fanfic. Especially this one (Stealing the Elf-King’s Roses) is exquisite.

Fires of the Faithful by Naomi Kritzer. Alternate Renaissance Italy with magic. I love the worldbuilding, especially the religion and the music, but I do wish she hadn’t used the “person comes home from X years of study and finds their home village recently devastated and everybody dead” trope. I trust Naomi Kritzer, dammit. (Which is why book didn’t meet wall at that point.) It’s her first novel, though, and she doesn’t seem to have made a habit of it. If the teaser at the end of this book is representative I may not like the sequel as much as this one because it’s all in the refugee camps with a lot of fighting (and a largish death count), the part of #1 that I liked least. Goodreads reviewers, too, agree that it’s got more action and whine that it hasn’t got enough romance. I can do without the romance, but I’m not yearning for action either!

August 30: Some Dalemark fanfic (put a bunch on my ereader). There’s more where that came from. I hope it’s not so much that I can’t nominate it for Yuletide.

Gifts of Spring by Shira Glassman. Reread, better than the first time. Calibre converts pdf to epub unasked! (Or perhaps I put that in the settings once and it’s remembered ever since.) It does need some tweaking but not as much as I’d feared.

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