Reading notes, week 37

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(Not nearly enough reading this week because choirbooks & services & kitchen demolishment.)

September 14: Das doppelte Lottchen by Erich Kästner. Old favourite. Somehow it goes a lot faster than I remembered! My German still works: I had to look up 4 words that I could figure out from context (like “this is a meat dish”) but wanted to know exactly. From German Wikipedia (linked) it appears that it was a film script first, and only later a novel!

September 17: Cold Sandwiches and All by E.M. Epps. Atlantide is a wonderful setting to lose oneself in when there’s so much work and church services and Very Large Men demolishing one’s kitchen. My copy-editor muscles are itching, though: it could have done with a couple of strokes with the fine comb.

Index of reading notes is here.

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