Reading notes, week 38

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September 25: The Hills Have Spies by Mercedes Lackey. I’d read it before but didn’t remember much. Parts of it are excellent. Parts of it are WAY over the top. (Kyree and dyheli and bondbirds and firebirds? A nonhuman entity that can do impressive magic in the blink of an eye? Come on!) But I like the coming-of-age story, though that’s perhaps also a bit too fast and forced.

September 22: Closer to the Chest by Mercedes Lackey. #3 of the Herald Spy trilogy. In which there are nunneries. Very comfortable book until now: only small bits of plottiness until at least 30%, no Large Overarching Thing. — A Large Overarching Thing after all! Which makes it turn into Gaudy Night in Valdemar. Not that I mind. The villain (and his sidekick) did it.

September 19: Closer to the Heart, the second Herald Spy book. In which they get married, not once but twice! (There seems to be plot, too, and reviewers are divided on whether or not it’s okay plot, but I read books for the characters anyway) Back to an annoying amount of eye dialect, but at least after all those earlier books I can read it without having to sound it out. — Eek, forgot all about the horrible scene in which Amily, who has Animal Mindspeech, can hear the mind of a man who is probably meant to be nonspeaking autistic because he “thinks like an animal”. She’s perfectly friendly and respectful and treats him like the human being he is! It’s just the explanation that makes me cringe. And now, also, Kirball. In the middle of a weapons-smuggle investigation. Really, Mercedes Lackey, do you have to cram everything into one book? (And isn’t it a bit … weak … to have Mags kidnapped AGAIN?)

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