Reading notes, week 39

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October 2: Millie Goes to School by Jackmerlin. 14 chapters, more than 30K, crossover of Chrestomanci and The Marlows by Antonia Forest (and now I want to read Antonia Forest). Wonderful. Such a breath of fresh air after all the other school stories. It’s got All The Things except the nastiness. Millie gets called a porpoise because she’s plump and can swim very well, but she subverts that, and comes second in the swimming event and wins the diving event.

October 1: Fifth Formers of St. Clare’s by Enid Blyton. This is #6; there is a sixth-form book, but it’s by Pamela Cox, and not in the public domain yet. I read the review first, so I was expecting the fat-shaming, but not that it would start so early and be so bad! And the fagging! The fifth form may be “where you learn to handle power”, but it turns out to be where girls learn to be upper-class English bullies, riding roughshod over anyone weaker or of lesser worth in their eyes.

September 29: Claudine at St. Clare’s by Enid Blyton. Suddenly they’re in the fourth form, in book #5! Seeing that they spent three books in the first form (and I don’t remember if #4 was in the second or the third) they’re going amazingly fast.

September 28: Summer Term at St. Clare’s, #3 in the series. This one has a tiny bit of culture shaming. After that I tried to skim #4 but it was very badly OCR’ed (which I didn’t remember) so I only read the end to see which one it was.

A bunch of Millie (from the Chrestomanci books) fanfic because I wanted to find one story: Checklist by allyndra. In which Millie makes a list of all the things she wants to do in boarding school, and gets to do them, mostly not the way she expected.

If No-One Ever Marries Me by shewhoguards. Christopher, Conrad and Millie, bickering like the teenagers they are.

The Time For Parting Come by athousandwinds. Christopher is sulking when Millie goes away to school.

Millie of l’Ecole Leman by thenewradical. Finishing school isn’t what Millie thought it would be.

Heathens by Blue Yeti. Millie notices she’s a lot browner and a whole lot less Christian than her schoolmates (except the one Indian girl).

Inappropriate Batwings and Assorted Boarding School Hazards by Satchelfoot. Making friends the canonical boarding-school way.

Millie Goes on a Date by jadelennox. Werewolf story, which I don’t usually read, but very cute. (“That’s what they’re calling it these days? Revising?”) It’s part of the Millie Goes to School Series, fanfic of fictional fiction!

September 27: Self-Reliance by russian_blue. Nice little Tarma and Kethry story with multiple mistaken identities. Also read it in week 19 of 2020.

The O’Sullivan Twins by Enid Blyton, #2 in the series. Found all the ones I didn’t have yet at Faded Page, the Canadian Distributed Proofreaders site. So fluffy, and surprisingly with much less fat-shaming than Malory Towers.

Eye Spy by Mercedes Lackey. Last of the Family Spies books I’ve actually got, there’s a third but I’d have to buy that. As I implied but didn’t spell out in week 15 of 2020 when I also read it, it’s sadly full of thinly veiled real-world politics: (villain with uncommonly small hands) Dudley Remp and (sensible old judge) Bader Genberg (a man, sadly) are all too obvious. Also, a copy editor missed that the king was called “Stefan” the first time he was mentioned; all other times┬áhe’s correctly “Sedric”.

Index of reading notes is here.

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