Reading notes, week 39

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Put on hold because I’m really not in the mood for either and I don’t want them to stare me in the face all the time until I either finish them or decide to abandon them. They’re so alike that I’ll wait until I want both so I can do a proper paired reading:

Under the Pendulum Sun by Jeannette Ng. It’s too intricate to be light reading, and a spoiler review says there’s a twist of a kind I generally don’t like (but can bear if done well enough, and I’m glad of the warning) (which is now about to happen, at least there’s been enough foreshadowing). Grimdark Magazine says it’s grimdark but I haven’t seen the distinguishing features yet that make it so (yes, it’s bleakish. If it becomes real grimdark I might yet give up.)

Sofia and the Utopia Machine by Judith Huang. Near-future sort-of-dystopian (current social inequalities in Singapore much magnified) fantasy with very believable characters. I like it and want to finish it but I find it difficult and I keep wanting to read other things in between. Under the Pendulum Sun pushes many of the same buttons but in a setting I’m much more comfortable with.

Next up: Might reread Earthsea if the paperbacks aren’t too yellowed/too small type for my eyes now. (And we don’t seem to have Tehanu at all; got that from the library when it was newish, remember I found it too preachy.) Also, I think I’m craving Mangoverse. (And putting books on Spouse’s new ereader from my calibre library made me notice a lot of books for my virtual to-read pile.)

September 26: Games Wizards Play by Diane Duane. On previous readings the resolution seemed tacked on, but this time I saw early signs of it. Several people got happy endings, but I still hope this isn’t the last in the series (though the author seems to be doing other things now).

September 21: Wizard on Call by kerithwyn. Rather good Young Wizards fanfic. Makes me want to reread Games Wizards Play (because the story is set during the book).

The Assassin’s Eye by Morgan Díaz, which I probably got in a giveaway because it’s not something I’m likely to have bought or even looked for deliberately. Starts interestingly enough. It’s too new to have amassed reviews so I can’t see if other people have hung out red flags. (ETA: interesting, yes. Could have done with a good copy editor.) The premise is interesting too: guy gets to be an NPC in a MMORPG for rehabilitation after a stint of house arrest. He’s not a gamer, so he’s reluctant and baffled, but gets the hang of it after a while. — It’s really a teaser, and perhaps I’ll even want to buy the real thing.

September 20: Deep Secret by Diana Wynne Jones. An old favourite but SO much fat shaming.

Index of reading notes is here.

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