Reading notes, week 4

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Eye Spy by Mercedes Lackey. #2 of Family Spies. I love the kickass ace engineer protagonist! I like the clueless-but-good masters she goes on a journey with! I like the down-to-earth woman mercenary captain! But the real-world politics references are a bit much, Dudley Remp (almost typed my own last name which is only one letter more) who has uncommonly small hands and thinks the whole world belongs to him, and a sensible (but unfortunately male) old judge called Bader Genberg.

Spy, Spy Again by Mercedes Lackey. #3 of Family Spies, and this ends the story arc that started with Foundation. Gah, demons. And the co-protagonist gets Chosen at the end which feels like a cop-out, especially since his brother, his sister and his best friend all ended up doing something else than being a Herald.

Now I’m going to read different authors for a while.

A Spoonful of Gold by AnonEhouse. Novella-length Encanto/Mary Poppins crossover. I like the “Mirabel summons Mary Poppins” beginning better than the “Bruno comes back and they kick Abuela’s ass” ending.

Forged in Combat by Celia Lake. I haven’t yet started reading the series it’s a prequel to (Celia Lake has written so many delicious things!) but it’s a very good teaser. People falling in love while working together, and any Failure-to-Communicate only because each of them is too polite to push. CW: near the end there’s a VERY explicit (but also very consensual and joyful) sex scene, which in the light of what came before I didn’t see coming until the very last moment.

Index of reading notes is here.

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