Reading notes, week 40

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October 3: Neither Have I Wings by Alice Degan. Sequel to From All False Doctrine. So far it tries to be Lewis (That Hideous Strength) rather than Williams but I’m interested and I want to read on. And someone is reading Strong Poison so it’s very apt for me to read that next. — Eeek! Lots of things happen that I wasn’t expecting, turning the book into something entirely different. Like the other one, but with some reservations on my part.

For reference: Charlie and Evvie. I peeked because I couldn’t stand it. It doesn’t. *whew* Lots of other romances, though, all the people who aren’t either married already or sworn to celibacy seem to get their HEA.

September 27 – October 1: All of the Mangoverse by Shira Glassman. It’s so wholesome.

September 27: From All False Doctrine by Alice Degan. “A metaphysical mystery wrapped in a 1920s comedy of manners”, set in Canada. I think it was a recommendation in the Christian fans meetup at Worldcon. It’s a very strange book — I keep expecting it to be Gaudy Night but clearly the writer didn’t live in the 1920s, and (as Spouse said, reasonably) hasn’t read enough by people who did. Some of the language and imagery is so modern that I keep thinking it’s set somewhere around the 1980s. And then there’s the occasional real gem that keeps me reading: “I’m an Anglican clergyman– I can’t accept that anyone doesn’t need tea.” Also I like Elsa and Kit, even though they suffer from the romance affliction of Failure To Communicate. When they talk, which isn’t often enough by far, they’re saying sensible things, but not the things they should be saying.  — Update: now it tries to be Charles Williams. There’s also a scene that could be in a modern-day roleplaying adventure, people fighting in the stacks of a university library. And then, after everybody has done their best to debunk everything supernatural, something really supernatural shows up! (That is to say, it hasn’t become less strange, but it’s just become a whole lot more exciting and I WANT TO FINISH IT AND LOVE THIS BOOK FOREVER). (Leaving all my ramblings here for posterity, too. I may steal the ramblings for an actual blog post.) — Final notes: (a) wow. (b) I was right about the thing I thought at 50% (about the professor and Mrs Graves) but it ended a bit differently than I expected. Better, in fact.

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