Reading notes, week 42

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Octoner 19: The Deniability of Danishes by E.M. Epps. How Lucien Benedict’s parents met. Wonderful!

October 18: Terrible Hours, High Stress, Bad Jokes by E.M. Epps. How the king of Atlantide gets his research secretary. Oh wow, I like Koszkiewicz. It’s Patreon-only.

Cold Sandwiches and All by E.M. Epps. This is the kind of romance I like best, with a hint of magic and not taking itself all too seriously. I’d forgotten thatĀ thisĀ was the one with “you’ve made me miserable for twenty-four hours, now you owe me twenty-four hours of your time, doesn’t have to be all in one lump”, I thought that was the sequel!

Index of reading notes is here.

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