Reading notes, week 42

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October 21: Snow Day by hhertzof. Frau Holle comes to Chrestomanci Castle!

October 22: From All False Doctrine by Alice Degan. This is a slow book, and I read it much more slowly than the first time because I kept going back going “er, what?” as well as savouring the best passages, and reading a lot in between (canon review and beta reading, neither of which I post notes of). But it’s SO GOOD. One of the concurrent plots (there are at least three) is friends-to-lovers, which I’m usually not a fan of, but they’re such excellent friends. They (Kit and Elsa) both fall in love early in the friendship without knowing it of each other, and the slight Failure To Communicate in the middle doesn’t help, but the love doesn’t harm the friendship at all, which could very well have happened. I’d also completely forgotten Vera, which she doesn’t deserve. Kit doesn’t only need friends and an intelligent wife but also his candid kid sister.

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